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Askole – The Foothills of the Karakoram Mountains
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Askole – The Foothills of the Karakoram Mountains

Askole, is in the Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a small town in Shigar Valley and a source of attraction for tourists. Askole is present in a remote area of the Karakoram Mountains and is also know as the foothills of the mighty Karakoram Mountains and the Gateway to 4 of the World's 14 highest Peaks. Before you reach the high mountains of Karakoram, it is the final settlement before trekking up to Baltoro Glacier and Concordia. The Askole village is famous for being the gateway to the great mountain on earth and the longest glaciers on earth. Askole village is the point where the trek to Baltoro Glacier, Biafo Glacier, Chogtai Glacier start. Askole village is also famous for some reasons. It is where you can reach K2, Broad Peak, Muztagh and Uli Biaho Tower, Latok Peaks, Paiyu Peak. There is also a campsite. You can say that it is popular for being the entry point of the world's 14 highest peaks which are above 8,000m.

Jeep Ride to Askole

Pakistan’s northern areas have matchless beautiful views. The mountain ranges are so high that attract the trekker and hikers from all over the world.  If you are a trek lover, drive Skardu to Askole. It is a long way to start your trek and the track is in very bad condition due to landslide and rockfall. It is quite dangerous and sometimes tourists change jeeps to negotiate huge rivers. One hundred and twenty kilometers from Skardu to Askole will take around seven hours if you travel by jeep. You can say your whole day will be traveling. Some years back, the case was not like that. When you start your drive, you will move through a wide valley of the river Shigar.  Then it turns off to the east and gets higher through the valley of the river Braldu. 

Old Houses of Askole Village

From Skardu, you will move against the flow of Indus through Hussain Abad to Thorgu. The place is so narrow so a wide bridge across the river helps in moving. After some time, you will move through the desert landscape and then reach o Shigars valley. If you need some more Askole info, you can check with the tour company. You will get all the important information regarding the Askole trek and other adventures. Tourists feel so excited when they trek and see the village of Askole.  The weather is quite harsh there and trekkers have to be very careful about their preparations. They must keep all the necessary things with them along with their food items, medicines, and other equipment.

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