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Concordia base camp trek
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Concordia base camp trek

Concordia k2 trek

Concordia base camp trek is one of the most favorite adventure destinations in the world, located in the heart of Karakoram mountains. People around the world choose this top adventure travel spot for their adventurous plans. The Karakoram mountains are the center of attention for trekkers and tourists around the world. Concordia base camp is situated at 4,691 meters or 15,390 ft above sea level. The panoramic view of Concordia is worthwhile. There are 41 over 6,500m with 4 over 8,000m peaks within the radius of 16Km, and at the top of everything the first glimpse of the Mighty K2 shall be seen from here.Concordia k2 Trek is the most popular trek not only for the domestic but also for foreign trekkers visiting Pakistan. This adventure is K2 Concordia which is a center of attraction for trekkers.

If it is your first experience in the Karakorum Mountains, you must not miss this trekking experience. Concordia is where the gigantic Baltoro Glacier converges with the Godwin-Austen Glacier in the Karakorum Mountains. Baltoro has hundreds of peaks and K2 is one of them. It will be one of your life adventure tours Pakistan (adventure tours) journey as you will have unforgettable memories. Concordia’s location is one of the world's most spectacular camps where you enjoy the sights of stunning peaks. You will be among a few fortunate people to witness this sight at K2 Concordia. It is the place from where you will get the best views of K2. During Concordia Trek, trekkers follow a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of sky-scraping summits.


The Concordia K2 trek will offer you amazing glimpses of the snow-capped peaks. You can say it will be one of the most rewarding treks in the world that you will experience in your life. Get ready for Concordia K2 camp during your summer holidays. Don’t forget to bring strong boots and warm clothes to keep you dry and warm. Your hiking shoes will help you move comfortably in the mountains. Your clothes will make you feel comfortable in the evenings and at night. Make sure you have good stamina to take that adventure with the high spectacular mountain. While you’ll explore Concordia, you will feel amazing as the peak of K2 is the world’s second-highest mountain.

The trek to Concordia K2 base is outstanding but you should plan it with a dedicated team of trekking experts and a government licensed adventure tour operator in Pakistan. These experts will guide you regarding mountain, high altitude, K2 temperature, and Concordia K2 weather, etc. If you don’t know what the right time is to have a concordia K2 trek, then you should choose summer search. K2 is in high mountain regions and the trek is tough. The weather is often unpredictable and it changes at any time. June, July, and August are the best months for your trekking plan but as it is the monsoon season in Pakistan, the weather at Concordia usually remains clear and the monsoon has not much to do with the Concordia area. What we expect from the Concordia base camp trek:


This trek is mainly a walk along the length of the world's 5th longest non-polar glacier outside the Polar Regions, the Baltoro glacier (63km or 39mi) also called Godwin Austen Glacier. Amazing part to climb the Gondogoro La Pass at height (5,600m) with a beautiful view of Karakoram range & reaching to the beautiful Hushe valley. Once in a Lifetime opportunity to witness several views of mighty 6000 to 8000 meters peaks includes:

▶K2 Mountain, world 2nd highest peak stand at 8611m
▶Gasherbrum I, is the 11th highest mountain in the world at 8,080m.
▶Broad Peak, located near to K2, is the12th highest in the world at 8,047m.
▶Gasherbrum II at 8,035m, 13th highest mountain in the world
▶Gasherbrum III, at 7,946m is the subpeak of Gasherbrum II
▶Gasherbrum IV is the 17th highest in the world at 7,932m.
▶Masherbrum (K1) is the 22nd highest in the world at 7,821m.
▶Chogolisa comes 36th in the world at 7,665m.
▶Muztagh Tower at the height 7,273m.
▶Snow Dome at the height 7,160m.
▶Biarchedi at 6,781 m Uli Biaho Tower seen at the height 6,417m.
▶ Trango Towers are known as the tallest vertical faces in the world at 6,286m. (tallest cliffs in the world).
▶Mitre Peak can be seen at 6,010m.
▶Crystal Peak Biale Peak seen at 6000+
▶Baltoro Cathedral Peak at the height 6000+
▶Urdukas Peak is at 6000+ height.
Intersecting streams and rivers including Braldu and Indus at different stages of the trek shall add up to this trek. You can book your K2 Concordia trek with one of the professional tour operators of Pakistan.

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