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Deosai Plans – World 2nd Highest Plateaus
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Deosai Plans – World 2nd Highest Plateaus


Deosai plain is a hight altitude alpine plain and a national park which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. It is located between Skardu, Astore, and Kharmang in Gilgit Baltistan. It is the second-highest plains in the world, at no place it is less than 4000 meter and expend in almsot 3000 sq km area, weather here is extremely cold and its covered with snow almost 8 months of the year. The best time to visit here is in the summer season. The park is not accessible till May because of the snow and melting glaciers. This beautiful piece of land consists of emerald green meadows, snowcapped peaks, and marvelous blue lakes that overall give its visitor’s breathtaking views. There is an entrance fee in the National park which is 100 Rs(less than a Dollar) for the foreigners and 40 rupees for the nationals.
Deosai plans reaching on jeep - Trip top tours

Deosai plans Reaching on Jeep - Trip Top Tours

Reaching Deosai from Astore

The natural surroundings with green fields, clear fresh flowing water through the plain are something that brings visitors close to nature. There are some places where the vehicles cross over this water flowing on plains. The whole valley is close to heavenly beauty that one bears the difficulties and obstacles to reach this place. From Astore, you have to reach Chillam Chowky to enter Deosai Plain, where SheoSar Lake welcomes you just at the start. This beautiful lake‘s literal meaning is ‘blind lake’ as we cannot see the exit of water from the lake.
Local folks and grazing animals

Staying at Deosai National Park

The overall road track is gravel type but level with easy movement. A 4x4 vehicle is not essential but it is better. The interesting feature of this area is the sight of bears with their families. In winter these bears come near the populated place as there is less human traffic. There are no permanent hotels in Deosai but some camps and tenting are common. The government does not allow the construction of houses or hotels near the park.
Deosai plans staying there

Beauty and Atmosphere of the Deosai Plans

This piece of heaven is surrounded by giant peaks that are mostly covered with snow around the year. The environment is very calm and peaceful with deep silence and one enjoys the company of green plains and huge mountains. The clouds seem to be very near the ground and sometimes they start pouring. Snowfall usually happens in summers also, accompanied by thunderstorms and wildlife. If you are adventurous then visiting Deosai plains is of your type.
lake deosai
You must bring warm clothes and a jacket. As it is situated at a height and the oxygen level is low. The summer season is full of fresh greenery and flowers whose fragrances fill up the whole valley. Markhor, which is a rare and unique animal, is found in this area. The water springs brims with trout fish which is a treat for the tourist and as well as the bears living there.
Deosai Plans

Some of the Quick Fact about Deosai Plans:

The Deosai plan is a National Park  and one of the 2nd high-altitude alpine plain (plateau) in the world

Deosai is believed to be haunted by giants, thus the name Deo Sai 'The Land of the Giants' came into being. 

Deosai plans and Sheosar Lake form one of the highest elevation of freshwater wetlands in the world.

Sheosar Lake is located at the height of 4,142 metres (13,589 ft) above see level and it means Blind Lake, as “Sheo” means “blind” and “Sar” means “Lake” in Shina Language.

Deosai plans are more than 13,000 feet hight and cover area about 3500 square kilometers.

The cold alpine environment is very diverse, alpine flora and the rich variety of species such are bears & Markhor are found in the area.

the average elevation of Deosai is 4000 m above sea level and also known as "the roof of the world." 

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