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Gondogoro LA Pass
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Gondogoro LA Pass

Gondogoro La Pass

Gondogoro Pass is located in the Baltistan region of north Pakistan and it is a 5585 meter (18,323 ft) high mountain pass, about 25 km (15.5 mi) south of the K2 mountain. Gondogoro La connects Baltoro and the Hushe Valley valley. K2 base camp and Gondogoro la trek are very challenging and tough, consider one of the highest altitude trekking tough routes with a rewarding experience. This pass has mountains panorama with all of the Karakoram's 8000m peaks close at hand, such as K2 Mountain, world 2nd highest peak stand at 8611m, Gasherbrum I, is the 11th highest mountain in the world at 8,080m, Broad Peak, located near to K2, is the12th highest in the world at 8,047m and Gasherbrum II, comes 13th in the world at 8,035m. There is a beautiful Laila Peak and the regions of Hushe and Kanday. The peak of Laila is 6,096m high and Hushe and Kanday are the small villages that attract visitors. The trekking involves Class 4 climbing with crampons; Gondogoro la pass is very steep and you need fixed ropes to cross it. Gondogoro la trek is not like conventional trekking. Gondogoro la difficulty can be understood to know that you will find about 50-degree snow slopes along the northeast side and southwest side also has a 50-degree slope with rock-fall. Both sides have avalanche danger and require rope fixing.

If it is your first experience in the Karakorum Mountains, you must not miss this trekking experience. Concordia is where the gigantic Baltoro Glacier converges with the Godwin-Austen Glacier in the Karakorum Mountains. Baltoro has hundreds of peaks and K2 is one of them. It will be one of your life adventure tours Pakistan (adventure tours) journey as you will have unforgettable memories. Concordia’s location is one of the world's most spectacular camps where you enjoy the sights of stunning peaks. You will be among a few fortunate people to witness this sight at K2 Concordia. It is the place from where you will get the best views of K2. During Concordia Trek, trekkers follow a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of sky-scraping summits.


The Concordia K2 trek will offer you amazing glimpses of the snow-capped peaks. You can say it will be one of the most rewarding treks in the world that you will experience in your life. Get ready for Concordia K2 camp during your summer holidays. Don’t forget to bring strong boots and warm clothes to keep you dry and warm. Your hiking shoes will help you move comfortably in the mountains. Your clothes will make you feel comfortable in the evenings and at night. Make sure you have good stamina to take that adventure with the high spectacular mountain. While you’ll explore Concordia, you will feel amazing as the peak of K2 is the world’s second-highest mountain.


K2 Gondogoro la trek offers the best glance of the Karakorum giants and other peaks. By crossing the Gondogoro la, you will come across K2, Broad Peak,Gasherbrum I & II Laila Peak etc. as gondogoro la trek is very challenging so you being a trekker need a strong stamina. You must also have some trekking skills to overcome Gondogoro la difficulty.

The price of K2 Gondogoro la trek depends on the tour operator you choose. The companies also offer group discounts on family or group tours Pakistan Choose the best government licensed tours operation company and ensure your safety and security. When you make your plan for Gondogoro trek, make sure you are aware of the weather conditions and also take the right personal gear and equipment such as harness, ice axe, crampons and Gondogoro la trek maps. the overview of Gondogoro La Pass:

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