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K2 Base Camp Information
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K2 Base Camp Information


An expedition to K2 base camp at 5,150m (16,896ft) makes it for one of the most exciting walks in the world. The K2 base camp trek in Pakistan is one of the great hikes on earth. Trekkers follow a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of Sky-scraping summits. the region including seven of the 19 highest mountains on the planet. K2 Gondogoro la trek is a life adventure tour to Pakistan and wonderful experience.

Where is k2 base camp?

K2 base camp in situated at the heart of the mighty Karakoram range in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. This trek offers breathtaking views of snow-capped high mountains. Mount K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, it takes 6-7 hours walk to reach k2 base camp from Concordia.

What is Concordia?

K2 basecamp trek climax reaches at Concordia, it is converging point of Abruzzi and Baltoro Glaciers. The panoramic view of Concordia is worthwhile gives the view to 41 over 6,500m peaks with 4 over 8,000m peaks within the radius of 16Km, and at the top of everything the first glimpse of the Mighty K2 shall be seen from there.

K2 Base Camp Campsites View

How to reach k2 base camp?

It is important to know how to go to k2 base camp before planning your trek, there are actually 3 stages of travel covering this trek. roughly it may take 8-12 days to reach at K2 base camp. overall there are three stages of travel involved in this trek. By Air/Road Drive, Jeep-able journey and Trekking.
1- It starts from Islamabad city capital of Pakistan, Islamabad to Skardu distance 640 km. This will take 1 hour by air flight and 10-12 hours drive from Islamabad to Chillas and 10-12 hours from Chillas to Skardu.
2- Once reach at skardu, you will be preparing for jeep-able journey to Askole the last inhabitant village of GB Pakistan. Skardu to Askole distance is 120 km roughly 7-8 hours on jeep.
3- Finally, from Askole to K2 Base camp it involves about 90 Kilometers of trekking, includes climbing, hill walking and mountaineering. This en-route trek to K2 base camp involves daily trekking of 6-8 hours from Askole village to Concordia K2 base camps and concludes at Hushe village via gondogoro la pass . This trek may take 14-20 days to reach back to Islamabad.

How High is K2 base camp?

K2 base camp is above 16,5000 ft heigh from sea level; it top altitude is 16785 ft or 5117 m. At Concordia basecamp the altitude is 15040ft or 4584m; at Broad Peak Base camp the altitude is 15700ft or 4785m and at K2 base camp the Altitude is 16785ft or 5117m.

How many Days required to Reach the K2 Base Camp?

It shall take 8-12 days to reach the k2 base camp.

How far K2 Base camps is from Concordia?

Distance from Concordia To Broad Peak BC is 2.49 miles or 4 Km and Broad Peak to K2 BC is 4.3 miles (7 km). Total distance from Concordia base camp to K2 base camp is 6.84 miles or 11 km.

Travel Time to Reach K2 base camp from Concordia?

Travel Time to Reach K2 base camp on high pace is 5 -6 hours and on slow paces is 7 -8 hours.

K2 base camp Trek Complete Route

More Facts About K2 Base Camp:

ALTITUDE VARIATION: Minimum 4942m and Maximum 5117 meters or 16785ft.
Uphill: 395m Downhill: 25m
TERRAN CONDITION: Slippery Glacier walk involves several crevice crossings, Walk on slippery rocks will also involve.
TEMPERATURE: Maximum 15˚C to Minimum -15˚C June - August
OVER NIGHT STAY: In Camps at K2 Basecamp Camp site. On the Baltoro Glacier Icey surface
FACILITIES IN K2 BASECAMP SITE: No Washrooms Available; No Running Water Available

RISK & PRECAUTIONS: we need to cross some Crevices & and landslide areas
Always follow the guide and don’t haste to cross any difficult patch. Keep calm.
Don’t drink water from streams & glaciers, due to the hardness of water your stomach can get upset.

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