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Skiing in Pakistan
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Skiing in Pakistan

Skiing is a winter sports activity that tourists love. When November arrives, tourists become excited because it is the beginning of sports activities in winter. It is extremely interesting when you glide down the slopes of snowy mountains. As the weather conditions in winter are rough so you must avoid avalanche-prone areas as they are dangerous. Trip Top Tours is the only tour operator offering Winter Skiing tour to north of Pakistan, skiing is a thrilling sport and if you need an adventurous trip this winter, choose the best skiing spots.

Naltar Ski Resort

If you are in Gilgit, you must start your journey from Naltar. It is one of the oldest spots for skiing in Pakistan. The tourists reach there by jeeps. You cannot use your car as the track is bumpy and dangerous. There is a facility for public transport but that is available at a specific time. There are Ski competitions at Naltar and Pakistan Air Force organizes them. There are accommodation facilities there for the tourists. You can enjoy the most reliable accommodation and enjoy your time skiing. If you plan to visit Naltar valley in winter, skiing is probably the most amazing activity there.

Naltar Ski Resort  Slope

Malam Jaba Skiing

 The beautiful valley of Swat, Malam Jabba is also the best skiing spot in Pakistan. The place is famous for its Ski resort. It is the only ski resort in Pakistan that the Pakistani Tourism Development Corporation owns. It has a ski slope of approximately 800m and the peak with the highest slope is 2804 m. The ski spot has the best activities for tourists such as roller/ice-skating, chair lift, etc. If you want skiing in Malan Jabba, you must visit it from January to March. You will experience about 16 feet of snow falling and we are sure you will enjoy your trip.

Malam jabba Ski Resort

Astore Skiing

Astore Valley is in the Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is also one of the best skiing spots in Pakistan. You can have skiing activities in Rattu, which is a small village town in Astore. In Rattu, tourists can enjoy many adventure sports and skiing is one of the best sports there in winter.


Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a hill station in Hazara and a part of the Galyat range. Nathiagali is a famous place in the Galyat range as the place has outstanding scenic beauty. Hiking and skiing are very interesting activities in this region during winter. If you want to ski, you visit Nathiagali from November to February. The area is very cold and chilly and it snows heavily in December and January. So, these are the best months for skiing.

nathia gali ski
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